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If you have a toddler, you know that sometimes a good sensory play is the best solution for keeping them busy! Like all toddlers, my daughter can play with some sensory bins for a long time, sometimes even hours. Keep reading to find out our favourite sensory activities.

sensory play

Even though sensory play can be messy, there are many benefits of sensory play. In this post I will share with you some of our favourite sensory activities.

1. Washing a baby

My daughter loves babies since she was 1 year old. She loves to change their diapers, put them to sleep, change their clothes and so on. However, washing a baby has been the absolute favourite of all sensory activities so far.

It’s very simple – just give your toddler some water and a baby. All other things are a bonus! Sometimes I make my daughter one bin with bubble foam and other one with just water. Usually I give her a sponge, sometimes a brush, small towel or other random items you can find in your home.

baby washing sensory play

2. Kinetic sand

Kinetic sand is one of the best sensory activities. Although it’s a bit messy, I don’t mind it anymore because I know the benefits of sensory play + I know how much fun she has when playing with sand. You can put little animals, cars or other small toys in the sand to make it more fun!

3. Playing in the sand outside

For a long time I was resisting to bring sand in our backyard for our toddler to play because of all the sand she would bring in the house on her clothes. Finally I’m fine with the sand in the hair and on the clothes – anyway she’s going to take a bath in the evening!

You can give your toddler cars, trucks, pail and shovel or other plastic toys. If the weather outside is warm enough, I give my daughter some water too. She will play for hours!

play in the sand - sensory activities

4. Coloured gelatin

Compared to other activities I have described, this is an activity that needs to be prepared a few hours before. Some people even prepare it the night before, but I keep it in the fridge for 3-4 hours and that’s enough. Just prepare gelatine as written in instructions and add some food colour.

Last time we played with coloured gelatine, I put some fishes and small animals inside and she was rescuing them with spoon. You can also give your kid some playdough supplies to play with gelatine!

gelatine sensory play

5. Animal washing or fruit washing

Give your toddler one bin with small animals, other with water and prepare your coffee. I don’t know what my daughter likes more – washing her babies or animals! You can also give them a strainer and turn this game into animal rescue. Or you can give them any other kitchen tool and watch their imagination take role.

animal washing

6. Playdough

Playdough is always a good idea! I don’t know if there is a toddler in this world who doesn’t like to play with playdough. My daughter and I have a deal – she can play with playdough as long as she doesn’t eat it, because after some time she likes to taste some.

If your toddler doesn’t want to play independently, you can make some figures together, some buildings, shapes etc. On the internet you can also find recipes for homemade, edible playdough.


7. Animal/flower rescue from ice

Put some flowers, animals or whatever idea you have in water and make ice cubes. Your toddler will love this! It’s very simple activity that keeps them busy for a long time. Give them some droppers with warm water and watch them practice patience and fine motor skills!

8. Colored bubble foam

You can make bubble foam from some detergent or kids shampoo + water. To make foam more bubbly, use stick blender and mix until it becomes more bubbly. You can make several bins with different colors. Along with random kitchen tools, this activity keeps toddlers busy for a long time!

9. Ice coloring

Give your toddler ice cubes, some tempera and brushes. If you have a younger baby, you can also make this activity, but try giving them little sponges instead of brushes – they will love it!

10. Shaving foam or whipped cream

In general, texture of shaving foam and whipped cream is something most babies find amazing! You can also color it with edible colors. If you have a baby who loves to put everything in mouth, them whipped cream will probably be better option.

Did you try some of those activities? Do you have some ideas to share with me and other mamas here? Let us know!

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