Are you a type of person who is easily irritated with the mess in the kitchen? Do you love kitchen organization, but always find yourself decluttering the same corner of the kitchen? If the answer is yes, then keep reading for some advices that will help you keep your kitchen space clutter-free!

kitchen organization

Personally, I love decluttering, but I hate when I have to declutter the same space over and over again, almost every day. In this post I will explain some of the rules I follow to keep my kitchen and surfaces clean.

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I clean the dishes right after meal

Most of the time, I clean the dishes right after meal. When I finish my meal, my daughter usually eats for at least 10 minutes afterwards. Meanwhile, we chat and I clean the kitchen. Also, I like to remove things and wash dishes as I cook, but not everything can be washed right away.

I don’t leave the dishes to dry itself, I dry it right after I wash it  

I hate it when I’m about to start doing something in the kitchen, but first have to spend time on putting the dishes in it’s place. That’s why I do it right after I wash the dishes. This way I keep the sink empty and spotless all the time. In addition, the empty sink isn’t a visual distraction for me, so that’s another plus for me and my kitchen organization.

kitchen organization

Things need to have their place

Once I’ve read – don’t put things down, put it away, in the place they belong. Many times I was convinced it’s true that things attract more things. When I put some pen, kids’ teething toy or something else on the clean kitchen surface, it naturally attracts more things.

Before, those things didn’t have a ‘home’ and I would just move them to the different corners of the home. I learned that every item I own needs to have it’s place. That is the key for not accumulating little piles of stuff in the kitchen.

Baby stuff basket & vitamins basket

Instead of just storing baby stuff, pills and vitamins all over the kitchen, find a basket or a space where you will store those items. This way you can easily put the vitamins in the cupboard and take them when you need to. Personally, I love using transparent ones because I can easily find what I’m searching for, plus it makes me clean and declutter sooner!

Also, baby stuff that needs to be outside (for example bottle or pacifier) should be in one place until they are dry enough to store them in their usual places.

Removing chargers and wires

It’s probably practical to put phone/tablet chargers in the kitchen, but in this way the counters will always be covered in wires. If you don’t want or can’t remove them elsewhere, you can try with building a ‘charging’ station. Simply put a basket for wires and chargers in the place of the kitchen which doesn’t visually distracts you when you see it.

I hope you find these advices for kitchen organization and keeping helpful! In the end, we should always remember that our kitchen and home have to serve us, and not become obsessed with the rules and cleaning. Being a homemaker has taught me to be grateful for things in general, which includes my kitchen and home. How do you keep your kitchen countertops clean and clutter-free? Let me know in the comments bellow!

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