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my daughter and i

Welcome to The Joy of Homemaking!

My name is Laura. Join me and my family as we find joy in everyday life.

about baby and toddler

So far my husband and I have two little angels, a 2 year old daughter and 4 months old son. I’m here to tell you that life with two little kids does not have to be chaotic, like many think. I learned that the mundane can be beautiful, if we choose to see it that way.

After my first kid was born, I went through postpartum depression. From the outside, everything looked just fine, but on the inside there was a total darkness. Little seemed to make sense to me, I was completely lost and it took me about six months before I even realised what was going on. I felt guilty because I couldn’t find strength in Christ and I couldn’t tell anyone because I felt guilty.

Then slowly, something started to change.

I started to see that there is more then just changing diapers and calculating baby’s sleep schedule. I still didn’t see much (or any) beauty in my home and all the chores, but I felt something was changing.

Fast forward – two years later, I am becoming a mother and wife I have always wanted to be. I’m making our house a home and trying to love better every day.

Here I share more about joyful mindset, motherhood, play, cleaning & organizing.

I’m here to tell you that you can be the mom you want to be and the mom your children deserve to have.

You can love your husband and your children by loving and caring for your home.

You have opportunity to make your every day and every task sacred.

You are the queen of your home and you have the opportunity to make it a heaven for your loved ones.

You get to be the light of your children’s life and lead them to the ultimate goal – Heaven.

Aren’t those things a privilege?